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10/12/2018 · Doug Cutting, the creator of the open source Hadoop platform that mimicked Google’s eponymous file system and MapReduce data chunking and chewing system, ran up against such limitations while working at Yahoo, and did something about it that, in the end, helped spawn a new industry and solve some big problems. I recently got a chance to catch up with Doug Cutting, the founder of Hadoop, Nutch, Lucene, and various other open-source technologies. Doug is currently the Chief Architect for Cloudera, the current leader in the Hadoop marketplace. 26/07/2011 · Doug Cutting has changed the way that IT does Big Data. Hadoop, the Open Source project he started, has made it so that any company with access to a rack of commodity PCs and a reasonable amount of programming skill can do the type of large scale data analysis work that was previously done only on.

0x00 前言2014年,Hadoop之父Doug Cutting在清华开了一次讲座,当时三个小伙伴一起翘班骑自行车到现场听了这场讲座,很认真地做了笔记。 现在翻出来回顾一下感觉还是有不少感触的,稍加. 博文 来自:. Introduction to Apache Hadoop, an open source software framework for storage and large scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity hardware. Find. Doug Cutting est un créateur de logiciels open source. Il est à l'origine de Lucene, et avec Mike Cafarella, de Nutch, un moteur de recherche open source de la fondation Apache. Il est aussi le créateur de Hadoop, et l'architecte en chef de Cloudera. Il a été nommé président du conseil d'administration de la fondation Apache en 2010. 1985年毕业于美国斯坦福大学的Doug Cutting并不是一开始就决心投身IT行业的。但又如何成为了Hadoop之父?以及这10年中,Hadoop的发展和未来期待又是如何的?.

Doug Cutting 看到他儿子在牙牙学语时,抱着黄色小象,亲昵的叫 hadoop,他灵光一闪,就把这技术命名为 Hadoop,而且还用了黄色小象作为标示 Logo,不过,事实上的小象瘦瘦长长,不像 Logo 上呈现的. Scopri di più su HDInsight, un servizio di analisi open source che esegue Hadoop, Spark, Kafka e altro ancora. Integra HDInsight con altri servizi di Azure per ottenere analisi avanzate. Doug Cutting is the chief architect at Cloudera and the founder of numerous successful open source projects, including Lucene, Nutch, Avro, and Hadoop. Doug joined Cloudera from Yahoo, where he was a key member of the team that built and deployed a production Hadoop storage-and-analysis cluster for mission-critical business analytics. Doug. 17/02/2016 · In observance of Hadoop’s recent 10 year anniversary, I recently up with Doug Cutting, Chief Architect of Cloudera and creator of Hadoop, to reflect back on the past decade of Hadoop as well as take a look to the future. Doug is the founder of. 吃水不忘挖井人,介绍Doug Cutting大牛是十分有必要的。 最早,接触到搜索引擎,知道有个Nutch(开源搜索引擎),于是开始查看Nutch相关的资料,发现了Nutch的创始人Doug Cutting,随着项目的深入,发现Doug Cutting本人不仅是Nutch的创始人,还是Lucene(开源的全文.

This is how Hadoop Project got its name Cutting's son, then 2, was just beginning to talk and called his beloved stuffed yellow elephant "Hadoop". In Cutting's own words “The name my kid gave a stuffed yellow elephant. Short, relatively easy to. 08/06/2016 · Windows 10 Insiders: Begone, foul Store version of Notepad! Microsoft emits long-term support.NET Core 3.1, Visual Studio 16.4 Interview In a side room of this year's StrataHadoop conference at the ExCel centre in London, Hadoop creator Doug Cutting. 12/05/2013 · Doug Cutting是Lucene、Nutch 、Hadoop等项目的发起人。他将高深莫测的搜索技术形成产品,贡献给普罗大众;他还打造了目前在云计算和大数据领域里如日中天的Hadoop。Hadoop是如何诞生的?他的成功经验是什么?.

28/05/2013 · When you're creating a new way of storing and processing data for global business infrastructure, a little fun can go a long way toward relieving the pressure. No one knows that better than Doug Cutting, chief architect of Cloudera and one of the creators of the curiously named Hadoop. 08/05/2014 · Hadoop the toy elephant appeared at CeBIT Australia in the company of Doug Cutting, one of the co-creators of Hadoop the big data tool. Cutting brought Hadoop along to the show, propping him on the lectern during his keynote and tucking him into his blazer during our chat.

Doug Cutting talks about Hadoop, and open.

19/12/2011 · Doug Cutting, creator of the open-source Hadoop framework that allows enterprises to store and analyze petabytes of unstructured data, led the team that built one of the world's largest Hadoop clusters while he was at Yahoo. Formerly an engineer at Excite, Apple and Xerox PARC, Cutting. hadoop 生活中,可能所有人都间接用过他的作品,他是Lucene、Nutch 、Hadoop等项目的发起人。是他,把高深莫测的搜索技术形成产品,贡献给普罗大众;还是他,打造了目前在云计算和大数据领域里如日中天的Hadoop。. 12/09/2007 · InfoQ's lead Java editor, Scott Delap, recently caught up with Hadoop project lead Doug Cutting. Hadoop is an open source distributed computing platform that includes implementations of MapReduce and a distributed file system. In this special InfoQ interview Cutting discusses how Hadoop is used at Yahoo, the challenges of its. Join Doug Cutting, Apache Hadoop creator and Chief Architect at Cloudera, and Arvind Prabhakar, co-founder and CTO at StreamSets as they discuss how to use DataOps to avoid common pitfalls associated with adopting modern analytics platforms. Watch now. Doug Cutting is founder of numerous successful open source projects, including Lucene and Hadoop, and currently the chief architect at and sits on the Board of the Apache Software Foundation. In this interview, he tells me how working on open source is more about common sense than creed and dives into open source adoption in the enterprise.

Doug Cutting unisce Yahoo! Blog post di Tom White su Doug Cutting creazione di Hadoop Si noti che questo post è stato scritto mentre Hadoop era ancora un prodotto derivato senza nome di Nutch. Tom aggiorna il suo precedente post con il Hadoop nome qui. Doug Cutting was one of the two co-creators of Hadoop, which he famously named after his son's stuffed elephant; now, he's chief architect at Cloudera. In an interview yesterday, Cutting discussed the current status of the big data platform and shared his thoughts on what the Hadoop future holds. Doug Cutting is a founder of the Apache Hadoop project and an architect at Hadoop provider Cloudera. When Cutting expresses surprise at Hadoop’s growth — as he does below — that carries a lot of weight. In the following interview, Cutting explains why he’s surprised at Hadoop’s ascendance, and he looks at the factors that helped. The next 10 years of Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop co-founders Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella explore the future of Hadoop. By Mike Cafarella Ben Lorica Doug Cutting. Doug Cutting. Founder of Apache Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop and Avro projects. more. Data Tools. Accelerating big data analytics workloads with Tachyon. Tra questi progetti si trovava il motore di ricerca open-source che prese il nome di Nutch - frutto dell'ingegno di Doug Cutting e Mike Cafarella. Il suo scopo era fornire i risultati delle ricerche più velocemente, distribuendo dati e calcoli a diversi computer, in modo da riuscire a compiere in contemporanea azioni differenti.

Il nome del progetto è stato scelto dal suo creatore Doug Cutting, il quale ha scelto Hadoop, il nome dell'elefante di pezza di suo figlio. In origine fu sviluppato per supportare la distribuzione per il progetto del motore di ricerca Nutch Struttura. Hadoop, inteso in senso. We had the chance to interview Doug Cutting during the Cloudera Sessions in Paris, October 2014. Doug is the creator behind Hadoop and Cloudera’s Chief Architect. Here is our exchange below:. Un commentaire sur “A chat with Doug Cutting about Hadoop.

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